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Samir thukral

Samir thukral Wellcome to Our Blog

Samir Thukral - Our company was formed with a view of synergizing the manufacturing & trading capailities of the promoters of the company.

The group strives to be recognized as a quality supplier / buyer of various products falling under its basket of commodities, with special emphasis on quality and execution. With his experience we have been able to give superior value proposition o our partners, in erms of quality, imedetly shipments and transparent market information.

Our aim is to be a "Preferred partner" with select organizations by developing an ability to consistently deliver on the above parameters.

Samir ThukralSamir Thukral Has been dealing / trading in Samir Thukral sugar field since 1989 & is the founder of ASIA SUGAR. He has been actively involved in all the aspects of sugar trading for the last 20 years & has been instrumental in formalizing & executing some of the path breaking businesses in the country.

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Professor, CS and UMIACS.

Distinguished Scholar Teacher Award (UM) 2007-2008

I gave a University wide lecture on Mon Oct 29th (2007).

Title: Whom to marry, how to cook and where to buy gas: solving dilemmas
of daily life, one algorithm at a time

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    Samir Thukral Indian Entrepreneur and Founder of Asia Sugar Industries is a prominent name in Sugar Industry.